Course Description

All HIGHStyle licensees are required to complete the HIGHStyle Curriculum Training Program. This mandatory training provides the framework and guidance to effectively utilize the HIGHStyle curriculum kits. 

President, HIGHStyle Impression Management

Courtney Feldman

“Credentials alone do not equal success in the new world of work. Professional presence, social smarts, and an ability to convey civility are essential to managing first impressions – and without a positive first impression, your chances of success decrease significantly!” This understanding has enabled Courtney Feldman to achieve success in her own career. As one of only two internationally certified impression management consultants in North America, Courtney’s daily activities call on her keen instinct for impression management and strong background in client services. As an Internationally Certified Impression Management Consultant® and Master Certified Civility Trainer®, recognized by the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium (ICTC), Courtney has built upon her degree from the Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba and knowledge gained through past leadership and mentoring roles to become a leading expert in the field of impression management.HIGHStyle Impression Management, is a full-service impression management consulting and training company offering public, customized private and corporate tutorials as well as online and live certifications. All services are focused on four key skills areas related to conveying lasting positive impressions. These four areas - Professional Presence; Podium Protocol and Presentation Skills; Professional Performance and Confidence; and Social Etiquette, work together to create an impression that represents your brand and speaks to your credibility.For more information, visit:

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Introduction to Impression Management

  • 3

    HIGHStyle Certification

  • 4

    Becoming an Impression Management Trainer

    • Your Image Your Business

    • Activity: Online Profile Quiz

    • Professional Profile

    • Activity: Before and After Profile

  • 5

    Training Considerations

    • Assessing Your Skills Facilitating Learning Checklist

    • How to Plan for Training

    • Information Gathering Questionnaire Pre Proposal Development

    • Image Coaching Client Questionnaire

    • Professional Presence Coaching Client Questionnaire

    • Your People Branding Audit

    • Impression Assessment

    • Setting Impression Management Training Goals

    • Recognizing Learning Styles

    • Writing Learning Objectives

    • Kirkpatrick Job Aid - New World Kirkpatrick Model

    • Blended Evaluation Form Samples Based on New World Kirkpatrick Model

    • Activity: Learning Objectives

    • General Training Checklist

    • Activity: Audience Engagement

    • Tools and Techniques for Trainers

    • Public Speaking Basics

    • Activity: Rate Yourself

    • Additional Trainer Resources

    • Training Games and Icebreakers

  • 6

    HIGHStyle Sample Proposals

    • Corporate Training: Master the Social Side of Networking

    • Corporate Training: Being a Professional in the 21st Century

    • Corporate Training: Building and Projecting Confidence

    • Corporate Training: Image Training for Service Professionals

    • Corporate Training: Impression Management Training For Business Professionals

    • Corporate Training: First Impressions

    • Individual Coaching: Launch Your Career

    • Individual Coaching: Presence, Social Competence and Communication Overview

    • Individual Coaching: Public Speaking

    • Individual Coaching: Style and Wardrobe Coaching

    • Individual Coaching: Your Style Update

    • Public Class: Building and Projecting Confidence

    • Public Class: Communicating with Credibility and Confidence

    • Public Class: Your Image Your Dress Code

  • 7

    HIGHStyle Sample Lesson Plans

    • Individual Coaching: Confident Conversation in the Workplace

    • Introduction to First Impressions Mini Session

    • Individual Coaching Creating a Lasting Professional Impression

    • Small Group Session: Public Speaking

    • The Impact of a First Impression Lesson Plan

    • The Impact of a First Impression Handout

    • Professional Style Makeover Trainer Workbook

    • Professional Style Makeover Participant Workbook

    • Profsesional Style Makeover Handout Examples

    • The Art of Conversation Lesson Plan

    • The Art of Conversation HANDOUT Sell it to Yourself

    • The Art of Conversation HANDOUT What is Networking

    • The Art of Conversation HANDOUT Whats the Networth of Your Network

    • The Art of Networking Quiz

  • 8

    Manners TV

  • 9

    International Civility Trainers Consortium (ICTC)