Course Description

Upon completing this course you will feel confident navigating a multitude of  scenarios mixing business with social interactions.

Whether it’s a cocktail reception, an industry banquet, or a dinner meeting with clients, your reputation is at stake. Your social competence impacts your credibility as a professional.

You may look the part, exude confidence and know your material inside and out, but if you offer a weak handshake, head straight for the buffet line or deal out business cards like playing cards, your reputation is at stake. How you interact socially in a business setting, speaks volumes to your personal character.

We need to be aware of and begin to understand the impact of our social actions. There are all kinds of social behaviour that is disrespectful and just because one person thinks something is rude, another may think it is completely acceptable. It’s not as simple as you might think to decide what is right and wrong all the time.

We can be mindful of our actions and how they impact others and the image we are projecting.

This course covers four main topic areas:

1. Dining Etiquette. Over a four course meal you will learn expectations for greeting, engaging and entertaining for business, how to eat 'continental' style and present yourself confidently while navigating the dinner table, as well as modern expectations for dining etiquette, tipping, toasting and more.

2. Networking. The ability to network effectively is essential to success in business. Yet, many business professionals struggle to build their skills in this area. Learn reasons why people are not successful networkers and gain an understanding of best practices for networking that works! 

IMAGINE… leaving work at the end of the day and actually leaving your work there. With increasing demands in less available time, this module will help you feel confident as you face each productive day!  

3. Professionalism. Although it is true that we notice someone’s appearance initially, it does not take long before a person’s outward appearance can be overshadowed by a negative attitude or a less than sunny disposition. Learn how to master the elements of professionalism in this workshop.

4. Social Perspective. Manners make it easier for us to live together. And knowing what the expectations are for modern manners in a range of social and business settings helps us develop social ease. 

President, HIGHStyle Impression Management

Courtney Feldman

“Credentials alone do not equal success in the new world of work. Professional presence, social smarts, and an ability to convey civility are essential to managing first impressions – and without a positive first impression, your chances of success decrease significantly!” This understanding has enabled Courtney Feldman to achieve success in her own career. As one of only two internationally certified impression management consultants in North America, Courtney’s daily activities call on her keen instinct for impression management and strong background in client services. As an Internationally Certified Impression Management Consultant® and Master Certified Civility Trainer®, recognized by the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium (ICTC), Courtney has built upon her degree from the Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba and knowledge gained through past leadership and mentoring roles to become a leading expert in the field of impression management.HIGHStyle Impression Management, is a full-service impression management consulting and training company offering public, customized private and corporate tutorials as well as online and live certifications. All services are focused on four key skills areas related to conveying lasting positive impressions. These four areas - Professional Presence; Podium Protocol and Presentation Skills; Professional Performance and Confidence; and Social Etiquette, work together to create an impression that represents your brand and speaks to your credibility.For more information, visit:

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Dining Etiquette

    • Introduction

    • The Meal

    • Activity Four Course Meal

    • FAQ

    • FAQ

    • Modern Practicality of Manners

    • General Guideline to Manners

    • Dining Etiquette 101

    • Supplemental Resources

  • 3


    • Introduction

    • Networking Overview

    • What is Networking

    • What's the Networth of Your Network?

    • Reasons for Unsuccessful Networking

    • Trust Builders

    • Trust Builders

    • Trust Building Questions to Consider

    • Elements of Networking

    • Activity: Elements of Networking

    • What/s Your Closed Door?

    • Supplemental Resources

  • 4


    • Introduction

    • What is Your Why

    • Understanding and Identifying Your Personal Why

    • Demonstrating Professionalism

    • Professionalism

    • Image

    • Making a First Impression

    • Mastering the Elements of Professionalism

    • Activity: Master Professionalism

    • Supplemental Resources

  • 5

    Social Perspective

    • Introduction

    • Activity: A Little Respect Please

    • Activity: Respect Questionnaire

    • Manners Courtesy and Etiquette

    • Workplace Social Etiquette

    • Activity: Everyday Social Situations

    • Everyday Social Situations

    • Supplemental Resources

  • 6


    • HIGHStyle Professional Certificate Assignment

    • Achievement Course HIGHStyle Professional Certificate

    • Achievement Course HIGHStyle Professional Certificate