Course Description

Upon completing this course you will be well versed in the art of managing your first impression as it relates to the message your personal image is sending. This is essential in establishing a long-lasting and positive first impression - because before you even have the opportunity to say a word or offer a handshake, your audience has already begun to judge your level of professionalism, credibility, and trustworthiness.

This course covers four main topic areas:

1. Fit and Proportion. You may be sabotaging your style efforts by wearing clothes that visually add weight to your frame and downplay your best features. Learn how to dress to impress according to your body type.

2. Fabric, Wardrobe and Care of Clothing. With at least 37 different kinds of fabric out there, there are endless number of fabric blends and just as many types of care required. Learn how to extend the life of your clothing through proper care.

3. Your Stye. Your Image. Style can be a very personal thing and being able to convey your personality and confidence through your outward appearance can be a powerful tool. Learn how to marry your style with your personal brand message.

4. Personal Grooming and Hygiene. We all have the power to make a positive impression. A big part of presenting ourselves properly is taking time to simply care for ourselves. Learn techniques to put your best face forward.

President, HIGHStyle Impression Management

Courtney Feldman

“Credentials alone do not equal success in the new world of work. Professional presence, social smarts, and an ability to convey civility are essential to managing first impressions – and without a positive first impression, your chances of success decrease significantly!” This understanding has enabled Courtney Feldman to achieve success in her own career. As one of only two internationally certified impression management consultants in North America, Courtney’s daily activities call on her keen instinct for impression management and strong background in client services. As an Internationally Certified Impression Management Consultant® and Master Certified Civility Trainer®, recognized by the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium (ICTC), Courtney has built upon her degree from the Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba and knowledge gained through past leadership and mentoring roles to become a leading expert in the field of impression management.HIGHStyle Impression Management, is a full-service impression management consulting and training company offering public, customized private and corporate tutorials as well as online and live certifications. All services are focused on four key skills areas related to conveying lasting positive impressions. These four areas - Professional Presence; Podium Protocol and Presentation Skills; Professional Performance and Confidence; and Social Etiquette, work together to create an impression that represents your brand and speaks to your credibility.For more information, visit:

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