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How much do you know about Social I.Q.? Are you confident that you know what to do and say to avoid conflict at work? Chances are, at one time or another, you found yourself at odds with a co-worker because of a misunderstanding or because someone misinterpreted your actions.

As you know, even the best intentions can go horribly wrong, that’s why you—and all of your coworkers and supervisors—need to expand your Social I.Q.

Because, in spite of your best efforts to do the right thing, a lack of Social I.Q. can result in your doing exactly the wrong thing, causing you to say or do things that offend others, can cause communication to break down and result in conflicts.

Key learning objectives of this module:

  • Define Social Intelligence (IQ)
  • Identify the benefits of Social IQ
  • Discuss “trust” and why you/we need it
  • Learn how Social IQ helps to build Trust

The Executive Finishing School - Certificate in Social Competence for Business Professional©

Recent research out of Harvard University suggests that because our long-term success in work and in life is 85% dependent on our “so skills”, we would all be wise to make sure we are socially competent.

Completion of this program entitles the participant to a Level 1 Certificate in Social Competence for Business Professionals©. The program consists of 5 online modules. If you wish to pursue the certification, please refer to the bundled course offering titled - Certificate in Social Competence for Business Professionals.

Module 1: Civility and Leadership
Module 2: Presentation Skills: Image, Decorum, Attitude, and Poise
Module 3: Communication: Oral, Digital, Written and Nonverbal
Module 4: Social Intelligence and Building Trust
Module 5: Priorities and Productivity

The program is designed for:

  • Graduates entering the workforce
  • Workplace supervisors or managers who need to set an example for others
  • Employees transitioning to leadership positions
  • Individuals seeking to project a more credible and confident image in the workplace

Topics covered include:

  • What is civility and why should I care about it?
  • Understanding trends and influences that define modern manners in the workplace
  • Socially competent behaviours that are expected and respected in business settings
  • Successful networking skills that will get you noticed
  • How to present credibility and confidence through your professional image and communication style
  • The nuances of effective communication considering: technology, diversity, and office politics

After completing the program, learners will be better able to:

  • Be “etiquette-wise” and avoid social and business faux pas that can cost their reputation
  • Exhibit high personal standards and lead by example
  • Navigate sticky situations related to rudeness and incivility in the workplace
  • Feel confident in a variety of business and social settings
  • Leverage their social savvy and be more socially competent
  • Set goals based on personal and professional priorities

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Would it surprise you to know that 80% of people are dissatisfied with their jobs? The social landscape in our workplaces is changing. Who we work with, how we work, when we work, how we communicate, and what we perceive as effective, respectful, professional, ethical and kind has also changed. But many of us haven’t changed the way we think, the way we make decisions, or how we interact, and we’re not ready for change. In the new world of work you need a new set of social competencies- skills to help you build trust, to foster collaboration, to communicate effectively, to navigate differences, and to be change ready.

If you are ready to build a better workplace, Civility Experts can help you:

  • Imagine a civil workplace – and put a plan in place to make civility at work a reality
  • Identify organizational culture conditions that are inhibiting civility at work
  • Change the constructs and behavior patterns that direct individuals’ uncivil behavior
  • Build competency in 4 core key skill areas proven to underpin a culture of civility
  • Co-facilitate change and teach you to be social architects and build a better workplace

Civility Experts offers civility training, civility train-the-trainer certification, civility workshops and webinars, business etiquette training, civility books and materials, organizational workplace and civility assessments, “Start a Civility Initiative” kits, social intelligence and cultural competence coaching, keynote presentations, international business etiquette consulting, and much more.

For more information, please visit

President, HIGHStyle Impression Management

Courtney Feldman

“Credentials alone do not equal success in the new world of work. Professional presence, social smarts, and an ability to convey civility are essential to managing first impressions – and without a positive first impression, your chances of success decrease significantly!” This understanding has enabled Courtney Feldman to achieve success in her own career. As one of only two internationally certified impression management consultants in North America, Courtney’s daily activities call on her keen instinct for impression management and strong background in client services. As an Internationally Certified Impression Management Consultant® and Master Certified Civility Trainer®, recognized by the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium (ICTC), Courtney has built upon her degree from the Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba and knowledge gained through past leadership and mentoring roles to become a leading expert in the field of impression management.HIGHStyle Impression Management, is a full-service impression management consulting and training company offering public, customized private and corporate tutorials as well as online and live certifications. All services are focused on four key skills areas related to conveying lasting positive impressions. These four areas - Professional Presence; Podium Protocol and Presentation Skills; Professional Performance and Confidence; and Social Etiquette, work together to create an impression that represents your brand and speaks to your credibility.For more information, visit:

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Executive Finishing School

    • Executive Finishing School Overview

  • 3

    What is Social Intelligence (IQ)?

    • What is Social IQ?

  • 4

    3 Elements to Building Social IQ

    • 3 Elements of Building Social IQ

    • Introvert Extrovert Quiz

    • Discover your social style: What workplace type are you?

    • Discover your social style: What workplace type are you?

    • Social Knowledge

    • Rules of Workplace Etiquette

  • 5

    What is Trust and Why Do I Need It?

    • What is Trust and Why Do I Need It?

    • Forbes Interviews Stephen Covey on Trust

  • 6

    How does Social IQ Help Build Trust?

    • How Does Social IQ Help Build Trust?


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I have taken several High Style courses and once again I am impressed with the quality of the information presented. The online option is well organized, the material is reliable, and the Quiz was insightful. I like the fact that the material is presented both in audio and written communication, and that I can replay it more than once if I need to or go back and review.

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