The Executive Finishing School curriculum is designed to bring self-awareness to the importance and practical applications of our soft skills, while providing the learner with strategies that can be incorporated into their professional routines, boosting their social competence and their chances of long-term success in the workplace.

Completion of all five modules, entitles the participant to a Level 1 Certificate in Social Competence for Business Professionals©.

Topics covered include: 

  • What is civility and why should I care about it?
  • Understanding trends/influences that define modern manners in the workplace
  • Socially competent behaviours that are respected and expected in business settings
  • Successful networking skills that will get you noticed
  • How to present credibility and confidence through your professional image and communication style
  • The nuances of effective communication considering; technology, diversity, and office politics

After completing the program, participants will be better able to:

  • Be “etiquette-wise” and avoid social and business faux pas that can cost their reputation
  • Exhibit high personal standards and lead by example
  • Navigate sticky situations related to rudeness and incivility in the workplace
  • Feel confident in a variety of business and social settings
  • Leverage their social savvy and be more socially competent
  • Set goals based on personal and professional priorities

Each online module curriculum, consists of the following:

  • Approximately 1 hour of instruction, accompanied by easy to follow visual slides
  • Self-assessments and thought provoking exercises to compliment material, approximately 1 hour of self-directed work
  • Supplemental resources to continue learning on each topic area
  • Quiz consisting of 10 open book multiple choice questions; passing grade 50%

** The Certificate in Social Competence for Business Professionals is recognized and approved by the International Civility Trainers Consortium. **

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Would it surprise you to know that 80% of people are dissatisfied with their jobs? The social landscape in our workplaces is changing. Who we work with, how we work, when we work, how we communicate, and what we perceive as effective, respectful, professional, ethical and kind has also changed. But many of us haven’t changed the way we think, the way we make decisions, or how we interact, and we’re not ready for change. In the new world of work you need a new set of social competencies- skills to help you build trust, to foster collaboration, to communicate effectively, to navigate differences, and to be change ready.

If you are ready to build a better workplace, Civility Experts can help you:

  • Imagine a civil workplace – and put a plan in place to make civility at work a reality
  • Identify organizational culture conditions that are inhibiting civility at work
  • Change the constructs and behavior patterns that direct individuals’ uncivil behavior
  • Build competency in 4 core key skill areas proven to underpin a culture of civility
  • Co-facilitate change and teach you to be social architects and build a better workplace

Civility Experts offers civility training, civility train-the-trainer certification, civility workshops and webinars, business etiquette training, civility books and materials, organizational workplace and civility assessments, “Start a Civility Initiative” kits, social intelligence and cultural competence coaching, keynote presentations, international business etiquette consulting, and much more.

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